Welcome to Arktinen Finnish Lapphunds.

Based in Surrey in the South East of England, we own two beautiful Finnish Lapphunds, Kaisa and Jalo. We show them occasionally, but mainly they are much loved family pets. We are hoping to breed from Kaisa later on this year, so if you are interested in more information about Finnish Lapphunds and owning a 'Lappy puppy', please do get in touch.

The Finnish Lapphund makes a great family dog, and there is a fantastic Finnish Lapphund owners community in the UK, so if you are lucky enough to get a Lappy you won't just be getting an amazing pet but a whole group of new friends!

To get more information about the Finnish Lapphund breed, please visit the Southern Finnish Lapphund Society website on www.sfls.org.uk.

Please have a look around our site, and if you are interested in one day owning a Finnish Lapphund puppy, please do get in touch!

Ian & Pia Reynolds




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