We are planning to mate Kaisa later on this year. Please contact us for more details.

Puppy promise:

We only breed very occasionally, and take our breeding very seriously. We believe in breeding for the good of the breed rather than just to make more puppies! So we take great care in selecting the dogs involved. We also take the health of our breed seriously, and all of our dogs are tested for prcd-1 PRA (unless inherited clear), hip scored and are also eye tested annually for cataracts and other eye conditions. We comply fully with all Kennel Club rules on breeding as well as follow the Southern Finnish Lapphund Society Code of Ethics (see the full Code of Ethics on www.sfls.org.uk).

We also care greatly about what happens to our puppies after they leave for their new homes. We will carry out home checks for all potential puppy owners, and rather than just let the puppies go and then forget about them, hope that we build up a relationship with all of our new owners to ensure that we will keep in touch.

Although we cannot emphasise enough how wonderful a family dog the Finnish Lapphund makes, it is important to thoroughly consider everything involved in having a dog before making the final decision that you are ready for a puppy. A puppy needs a lot of looking after and training, and so a puppy of any breed will not be suitable for a family who spend long hours away from home. A young puppy needs several feeds a day and consequently several 'outings' a day too! They do sleep a lot, but whilst awake need care, play, training and affection. In short, they do need a lot of time spent on them!

Training is not just a session of 8 puppy classes. It continues througout life, and although the Lapphund is highly intelligent and trainable, they also have a naughty streak and do need their training reinforced regularly. There are definitely several Lappies about with 'selective hearing' on off-lead walks!

Lapphunds have a profuse coat, and so need to be groomed regularly. Despite the looks, the coat is actually quite easy to maintain, and apart from one or two major moults a year, simply needs a good brushing and requires no trimming at all. Most Lapphunds rarely have a bath as they don't tend to 'smell of dog' and their coats are very efficient in getting rid of dirt.

If you think a Lapphund is right for you, we would love to meet you! Why not come and visit Jalo & Kaisa? We insist on meeting you before including you in our waiting list to ensure we agree that the breed is indeed right for you. If this is all successful, we will at some point arrange a home check to discuss any changes and preparations you will need to make in order to be ready to bring home your puppy.

Our puppies will all be 'home bred' - by this we mean that our dogs are part of the family and definitely live in the house with us. The puppies will be born and reared in the house, enabling them to grow up with the usual noises, smells and goings on in an ordinary household. We will expose them to the normal household sounds (vacuum cleaners, 8 year-old boys (!) etc) as well as get them used to some other noises such as fireworks, trains and traffic using a special cd. We will do our best to start their housetraining by letting them have access to the garden, and they will be weaned onto ordinary (but high quality) dry complete dog food. They will be wormed too.

Our dogs are, of course, Kennel Club registered, and the puppies will be registered with their new names with the Kennel Club before leaving here.

So...do you think the Finnish Lapphund will make the right pet for you? Get in touch with us (details on our Contacts page).




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